Goldwater Campus Representatives’ responsibilities include:

1. Publicizing the Goldwater Scholarship Program on the campus,

2. Soliciting faculty recommendations of outstanding students who demonstrate a commitment to pursuing a research career in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering,

3. Establishing the process by which the best qualified students are identified and nominated,

4. Helping students prepare their applications, and

5. Ensuring that the institution’s nominations are complete and submitted online by the stated Goldwater deadline.


Institutions interested in participating in the Goldwater Foundation’s Scholarship Program need to have a registered Goldwater Campus Representative. Please call the Goldwater Help Desk at 507-931-8335 or by email at to establish a Campus Representative at one’s institution.


At the start of a nomination cycle, CRs will be sent a User ID and Password. The first time a CR logs into the system, he/she will be asked to change the User ID and Password. As the User ID and Password will be needed throughout the entire nomination period, please be certain to retain the new User ID and Password in a secure location. CRs who have previously used the system, will need to log in using the previous year’s User ID and Password. If you are having trouble accessing your account, you can use the “username and password help” link to reset your account password.