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STEP 1: Determine Students Suitability for a Goldwater Scholarship.

A student who is interested in being nominated for a Goldwater Scholarship is asked to complete and submit a Student Profile and Pre-application. While the process varies from one campus to the next, on most campuses the Pre-application is seen as a “conversation starter” between the student and the Campus Representative (CR). Most CRs review the Pre-application materials and provide the student with additional campus-specific application information. On some campuses, CRs meet with the student either individually or during a scheduled meeting involving all students interested in applying for a Goldwater Scholarship. Students are encouraged not to “count themselves out” without first interacting with their Goldwater CR. Contact between the student and the CR should occur as soon as possible but within usually no longer than a week from when the student submits a Pre-application and Student Profile.

STEP 2: Monitor the Student’s Application and Assist the Student with Identifying Appropriate References

Upon acceptance by the CR, the student is given access to the full application. CRs are able to monitor each student’s progress as he/she works through the application (i.e., completes questions in the online questionnaire, uploads Research Essay, etc.)

Soon after accepting a student, CRs should begin a discussion with the student regarding potential recommenders. This guidance is needed to ensure the student selects individuals who are appropriate letter writers for the Goldwater Scholarship. After this discussion, the student should meet with the identified recommenders to determine whether they are willing to write letters for the student. The student should advise each individual who agrees to write a letter that he/she will be contacted by the Goldwater CR when the letter is needed.

STEP 3: Collect Student Transcripts

Transcripts from all colleges and universities a student has attended that are being used to compute the student’s cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) must be submitted as part of the application unless all the classes a student has taken at other institutions, along with the grades for those classes, are listed on the student’s current transcript. If available, the current Fall semester classes and grades should be included.

The Goldwater Foundation accepts both “official” and, WHEN CERTAIN CONDITIONS ARE MET, “unofficial” transcripts.

Official Transcripts: Official transcripts are those sent “unopened” by the university directly to the CR. Once received, the CR should upload the transcripts to the CR Dashboard (PDF format is preferred). Be certain to include the key/guide that universities provide to ensure the transcript is accurately interpreted. DO NOT FORWARD TRANSCRIPTS TO THE FOUNDATION THAT ARE PASSWORD PROTECTED! Save password protected transcripts as PDF files and then upload the PDF file.

Unofficial Transcripts: On some campuses, Goldwater Campus Representatives can download a student’s unofficial transcript directly. If this is the case, CRs can then upload the document to the CR Dashboard. On other campuses, only students can download their unofficial transcripts. When this is the case, CRs can use this transcript if it is downloaded IN THE CR’s PRESENCE. If a student cannot print an unofficial transcript in the CR’s presence (e.g., a student who is studying abroad), then an official transcript should be used.

The CR should then upload the transcript to the CR Dashboard.

Please keep in mind that official and unofficial transcripts must be accompanied by the key/guide the university provides to interpret the transcript.

STEP 4: Complete the Campus Rep Form

This form must be completed and submitted to the CR Dashboard by the institution’s Goldwater Campus Representative. In this document, the Campus Representative must verify the nominee’s eligibility and academic status.

As part of the Campus Rep Form, the CR has the opportunity to submit a narrative statement that might, among other things: 1) describe the institution’s Goldwater Scholar selection process, 2) provide a reason/explanation as to why the specific student was nominated, 3) explain why, despite an identifiable weakness, the student was nominated, 4) compare the student to other Goldwater Scholars the institution has nominated, and 5) address issues raised in the letters of recommendation. While the Foundation does not require a CR to complete this part of the form, it is highly recommended that this section of the Campus Rep Form be completed.

STEP 5: Submit the Student’s Nomination Before the Deadline

Completing the Campus Rep Form is NOT the final step in the nomination process. To nominate students, CRs must choose SELECTED from the status dropdown on their CR Dashboard. CRs may nominate up to four students. An additional nomination can be made if the Institution has an eligible transfer student.

Once ALL nominees’ statuses have been changed to SELECTED, you must click the ‘Lock and Submit Nominations’ button located at the bottom of the CR Dashboard. This will be the final step in nominating all your selected students. If upon reviewing the names shown in the ‘Lock and Submit Nominations’ pop-up window, it is determined changes are needed, you may close out the window and make any necessary updates before submitting. Once nominations are ‘locked and submitted’, you will no longer be able to make any changes to your nominations.

Upon locking and submitting your nominations, you will receive an email with the names of the students you have officially nominated. At this point, you may still log into your CR Dashboard if you wish to view any of the materials submitted; however, no additional changes can be made.

All nominations must be submitted by the nomination deadline – the last Friday in January by 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Nominations that are late or are missing supporting materials will not be reviewed.