Important Changes in 2020 Goldwater Competition:

The Goldwater Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce that as a result of a partnership with the Department of Defense National Defense Education Programs, the Foundation will award approximately 450 scholarships in 2020. This increased number of scholarships will continue each year through 2023.


Nomination materials will be reviewed by discipline, not by a student’s state of residence.

Four-year schools that nominate a “Transfer Student” can nominate a “5th” student.

Goldwater’s “last dollar in” policy will be observed (i.e., an institution will not be able to reduce a student’s institutionally-controlled scholarship funding after the student receives a Goldwater award).

Goldwater will no longer reduce a student’s Goldwater award if the student subsequently receives additional scholarship support during the year the Goldwater scholarship was funded.

Student Application

• “Research Activities” changed to “Research Projects”
The student “Research Activities” section has been re-envisioned and renamed the “Research Projects” section to put more emphasis on the importance of undergraduate engagement in significant research projects as opposed to only engaging a student in activities that develop technical skills. Students should describe each project and their role in and contributions to the project.

• Elimination of the “Absence of Research” Section
The “Absence of Research” section is being eliminated and replaced with a new “Research Skills” section. By listing and describing up to 5 acquired research skills (providing 300 character descriptions of each skill), applicants will be able to better inform the reviewers of the skills that they have gained through research projects, courses or other life experiences

Campus Representative Dashboard

• Selecting a student who you will later nominate
The functionality of the nomination process has changed this year to better ensure that you have correctly nominated your students.

On your student matrix in the Status column, “Under Consideration” must be changed to “Selected” in the dropdown box of those students you want to nominate for a Goldwater Scholarship!  You can only change the dropdown box to “Selected” when all of the conditions for nomination for a student have been met.  You may view these conditions by clicking on  “View” tab in the Checklist column.  When “Selected” is visible next to a student’s name, you can no longer change the materials for this student.  You can, however, change the student’s status back to “Under Consideration” whenever you like to make whatever changes you deem necessary.  You can go back-and-forth between Selected and Under Consideration as many time as you like.  You will not receive an email notification at this step in the process.  Please note, “Selected” in a student’s column does NOT mean you have nominated the student!

• To nominate your student(s)
Unlike in past years, students will NOT be nominated individually in the 2020 Goldwater competition.  In 2020, you will nominate ALL your students at one time.   You may nominate one, two, three, four, and if one of your nominees is a transfer student, five students at one time.  This is a one-time action that you will perform at the end of your nomination process.

At the bottom of your Dashboard you will see a Lock and Submit Nominations button.  After you have all the students identified as “Selected” in the Status column who you want to nominate (and not others), click the “Lock and Submit Nominations” button.  This will open a pop-up window that allows you – one last time – to review the list of your nominees.  To nominate your students, click on the “Confirm and Lock Nominations” button at the bottom of the pop-up.  This is the final step that you must perform that submits your student nominations to the Goldwater competition.   Once you click the “Confirm and Lock Nominations” button, you cannot make any further changes to our students’ files.  You will receive an email from Scholarship America, that lists the names of the students you have nominated.  If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder.   If you do not see this email in your spam folder, please contact Scholarship America by emailing or by calling (507) 931-8335.